Into the twenty-first century, the second era, public security monitoring doubt has become a hot topic of digital, its application has penetrated into all aspects of society, and have begun to influence and change people’s way of life. Security monitoring both public safety, industrial and commercial, transportation, and household and consumer. Applications for public safety is already covered by the monitoring of urban areas, the government of Homeland Security, to ensure social stability and Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS1 Battery Charger public security departments are closely related; for industrial and commercial applications from key facilities have been extended to the regular place, making the banking, gaming and retail other people’s activities, guarantee frequent area safe; for transportation applications is constantly introduce new measures to improve security not only in the stations, docks and airports both inside and outside, but also roads, waterways and other areas proposed intersection and the diverse needs of .

These applications are only for public safety, and consumer groups for home video surveillance will be directed against the personal safety of the broader dissemination and popularization.

Public security monitoring applications, the first is the most traditional access control, then have fire detection devices. CCTV video surveillance system with the first applied, and then progress to analog video recording system, and through the analog cameras and analog video matrix formed by the popularity scale. Digital video surveillance is accompanied by the development of digital video compression technology, the rise, and the contest with the analog system to stand out and establish the direction of mainstream applications. Combination of computer and network technology platform has greatly promoted the development of digital video technology, and timely play a huge potential. Hard disk storage of digital video surveillance, remote transmission, flexible networking, video analysis, etc., its advantages have been non-analog systems can be compared, but also greatly squeezed the space for the existence of analog applications. However, in the last years, mainly standard-definition digital video, and could not fully simulate the system beyond the image quality. So in the new era, the development of digital video surveillance advantages do

The author believes that the new trend of digital video surveillance can be summarized in three aspects, namely, to achieve high-definition, enhanced intelligence and play optical elements. Only high-definition analog video out to the final, only to replace the artificial intelligence, the only optical element in order to fundamentally improve the video effect.

Achieve high-definition

For the simulation system, we talked about TV resolution, PAL system TV nominal vertical scanning lines of 625 lines, remove the 50 lines the reverse process, the actual degree of the effective vertical resolution of 575 lines. Of course, different analog cameras and video equipment will be different. Computer to display images, the resolution is expressed in number of horizontal pixels × vertical pixels. Such as VGA (640 × 480), SVGA (800 × 600), XGA (1024 × 768) and so on.

The original digital video in CIF resolution, that is 320x240, compressed format MPEG1, VCD image quality remains at the level. With up to a compressed format MPEG4, and then to H.264, compression efficiency is greatly improved, and the picture quality is also good, but the resolution is still not enough compared with the simulation, the available TV or computer display, but the clarity and no real requirements.

D1 resolution, that is 720x480, does make digital compression gives a refreshing feeling, compressed format began to MPEG2, ie DVD level, but a higher rate, so widely used in monitoring the need to MPEG4 or H H.264 compression format, used to call D1 as the SD. DVD NTSC system is the use of pixels to 720 × 480, PAL system, a pixel is 720 × 576, both the horizontal resolution is 720 × 3 / 4 = 540 lines, of which the former is higher than the vertical resolution (480 lines), after were slightly lower than the vertical resolution (576 lines).

Really want to pull the gap between image quality and resolution of analog is the 720P, that is 1280x720, which is also subject to high-definition video. So what is it really HD? This is called the 1080P, that is 1920x1080. Figure 2 shows the standard definition to JVC GZ-MS250 Battery Charger high definition from the horizontal and vertical pixel comparison.

In the SD to HD frame rate between the conventional 30 frames per second, so H.2641080p @ 30fps H.264 format refers to 1920x1080 pixels per second, compression 30 images, which is necessary to achieve a level of high definition. On this basis, a variety of video compression formats is also very important, such as MPEG4, MJPEG, VC1 and so on. This performance is equivalent to twice the 720P, so you can improve video quality, and adding more detail. As a quasi-HD 720P, if the frame rate increased to 30 frames per second, that H.264 & MPEG-4 @ 720p60, the clarity of the image will be effectively improved. Of course, in the monitoring of outstanding high-definition screen, will use MJPEG @ 5Mps, 五 megapixels per second can be achieved by the image effect.

Currently the industry can provide high-definition video compression system on a chip (SOC), there are many vendors, with the U.S. Texas Instruments (TI) delivers a platform that can support high-definition covers a variety of needs and support a variety of high-definition video compression format, and has greater system flexibility. DM6467 is now a high-volume chip enables video compression format H.264 and other HD or higher SOC, its 600MHz clock version can support H.264 @ 1080P30, 1GHz clock performance will be close to the supported version doubled. The platform integrated ARM9 processor and video co-processor and high-speed C64 + x DSP core, there BT1120 HD video input and output ports, the other is equipped with rich peripheral interfaces. In addition to high-definition video codec, the DSP unit can take its intelligent video processing capabilities. DM6467 HD video transcoding is also an important application direction.

The DM365 also supports production capacity of H.264 @ 720P30/MPEG-4 @ 1080i30 or, MPEG-4 @ 1080P30/H.264 @ 1080P12, has started as high-definition IP camera surveillance products to be well applied.

Will be new DM36x platform H.264 & MPEG-4 @ 1080P30, and with the DM365 architecture, software and pin compatible. This will be a truly comprehensive support for HD SOC, integrated 400MHz ARM9 processor, video co-processor, video processing subsystem and rich peripheral interfaces, as shown in Fig. Video processing subsystem, which involved detailed analysis of the optical elements left below.

Market looking forward to the advent of higher performance platform for HD, H.264 @ 1080P60 specifications not out of reach, even for the use of a chip can support two, TI hopes in the first year of a new era of digital video surveillance industry on greater surprise.

Enhance the intelligence

Intelligent video analysis should be regarded as the eternal topic of digital video surveillance. Analog system can only artificial or repeated viewing of video monitoring for exception handling, even digital video, still difficult to get rid of participant observation and identification of human, until the emergence of video content analysis algorithms. Video content analysis of early PC-based back-end processing, can help people reduce the heavy burden of repeated viewing, but it is not possible to detect and monitor the on-site intervention in emergencies. DSP allows the introduction of embedded video content analysis as possible, so as shown in Figure 3, intelligent video security market in refined products can be fully applied.

Conventional video surveillance products DVR, DVS, and IP cameras can be added to increase the front-end intelligent video processing and intelligent risk management business, with the camera-related applications, to meet the intelligent motion detection, auto-focus detection and tracking needs.

In traditional access control system, not only fingerprint biometric can also be monitored and face recognition, which will be able to automatically determine the identity of the drawbacks to the exclusion of people. For intrusion detection and alarm, the use of intelligent video tools will be more flexible and user-friendly, visual doorbell products which will have the opportunity to give more. In the fire and life safety applications, intelligent video detection method with the traditional combination of sensor will be more effective.

The essence of the range of applications make the video there is still much room for development, combined with the trend of high-definition video surveillance, face a large number of video data storage or transmission, will be inevitably takes a lot of systems and equipment resources, if we can use Intelligent video analysis processing means certain, will be able to effectively filter out the original video effect, to retain the most valuable content and stored or transmitted in high definition.

In the world pay attention to the green “low carbon” situation, intelligent video management for air conditioning can also be seen as an innovative application. Intelligent video surveillance to protect the one hand, the normal flow of the workplace personnel, on the other hand can be detected in various regions in the number of changes, then this is not difficult to determine how the indoor temperature for the control, so the combination of air conditioning for heating or cooling.

 Based on this thinking, imagine a more intelligent video applications, it will enhance the intelligent digital video surveillance in the current tough competition in the market the only way to enhance the value space.

Digital video processing platform is the most solid DSP, TI DM642 platform star embedded in intelligent video applications play an important role, and subsequent launch of Nikon Coolpix P300 Battery Charger the Davinci series platform is to meet the needs of different aspects of digital video and continue to gain market a success.

To the intelligent video applications to continued strong development, DSP platform roadshow plan (Roadmap) and development of the ecosystem (ECOSystem) is essential. TI’s success from the introduction of C64 +, C64 + x to the widespread adoption of the C674x core will be integrated into a new generation of high-definition the SOC. This is a compatible floating-point and fixed-point DSP core will be more beneficial to more intelligent video implementation.

To promote the development of intelligent video, TI C64 + x based open development platform and a collection of over 50 pieces of software kernels based intelligent video library VLIB, which contains background modeling and extraction, object feature extraction, tracking and identification and low-level pixel processing. VLIB highly scalable software-based platforms, applications, including video analysis, computer and automotive vision, embedded vision systems, but also includes visual consumer electronics products. VLIB from TI’s public register on the website to download. Now there are hundreds of customers in the use of TI’s DSP software development for intelligent video, which will also be digital video surveillance inexhaustible source of innovation.

Play optical elements

 Digital video systems replace the analog system in the process, there is almost as long in use analog equipment, which is the analog camera (CCTVCamera), the reason is that a camera seems to be difficult to divide the overall optical one, in which the optical parts are fixed down. In fact, integrated camera consists of two parts, the front-end for the CCD or CMOS video sensor, the back-end for the video signal processor (ISP) for the original video signal processing, and output video signal for the BT656. Previous ISP by the sensor manufacturer to master, making it difficult to develop, then is it possible to change this situation? Which rely on the integrated SOC processor “optical elements.”

To make digital video system more features, especially to meet the needs of different scenarios for the understanding and mastery of the optical elements is becoming increasingly important, especially the integration of IP cameras. TI’s DM36x born out of the camera platform, and one video processing subsystem (VPSS) performance is particularly critical, as shown in Figure 4 DM36x video processing subsystem functional block diagram. Included in the VPSS CCD or CMOS controller, directly receive the original video signal, then the ISP from the integrated pre-processing, including the so-called H3A processing, auto-exposure (AE), Auto White Balance (AWB), Auto Focus (AF .) Of course, the processing required to achieve such a wealth of professional optical experience to be able to get the desired image effect.

Similarly there is the so-called optical element lens deformity correction mode (LDC) processing. VPSS there are hardware face detection engine, image co-processor (IMCOP), image processing accelerators (IPIPE), and enhanced screen overlay display (OSD). VPSS also preview and zoom capabilities, supports high-definition component output. TI’s new SOC will be using a new generation of ISP and add richer optical elements.

Optical element will be the future high-definition digital video into a comprehensive and intelligent benefit guarantee, the reason is that a large number of the first HD CMOS video sensor type, high-definition video products will be integrated video surveillance manufacturers R & D and production direction. In addition, application of intelligent monitoring and control products and environmental factors combined with the optical close, and only truly mastered the application of adaptive optics in order to more effectively develop a variety of intelligent video applications.

In short, the new era will make the intelligent high-definition video surveillance to go further, China has become the world’s fastest growing video surveillance of a market potential of its innovative momentum and attracted worldwide attention. Seize the high-definition, intelligence opportunities, combined with deep optical China accumulated knowledge, Chinese enterprises will have the ability to enhance the security advantages and benefit the world.

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